Hello world!

This is my first blog post on my new site for my personal portfolio. This site has gone through a lot of evolution over the past 20 years... but now I have some success under my belt and some good ideas on how to do a digital product that I am ready to share.

The thing I find really captivating about product management is that it is the science of solving a problem in a way that is self-funding, self-sustaining, and possibly even profitable. You look at an issue and then follow it through till you find the solution, then figure out how to make it work. Once you get good at it, it is like having super powers... "Why yes, I can solve your problem! Let's do it!"

There are millions of ways to solve problems and I always pursue classes to constantly expand and improve my knowledge. I love getting to know a new industry and a new puzzle set and sliding the pieces around until they all click into place like the tanagrams on this site. They all have the same basic composite pieces... a cloud API, iPhone or Android app, 30 day drip email campaign... but how they are assembled and how you move customers through a product varies greatly between each and all achieve a different outcome.