My experience encapsulates virtually every piece of the process that a software project goes through; from customer validation and design through coding and quality assurance, except dev management and systems networking… but I know there’s still time.

I have also contracted and consulted at creative, fast paced, and high energy places such as REAL D, Disney, NBCUniversal, and Sony.

I am uniquely capable in ushering your product through every team that needs to contribute, bringing it from the napkin to your customers in a seamless process.

This not only builds your digital products from idea to engaging experience--it keeps your customers coming back for more.

I’m dedicated to your project from concept to rollout, making certain you get your desired result.

I am CSPO and CSM (Scrum) certified, and my last 9+ years of work involve Agile experience.

I am currently looking for my next role.

At my last position with Smashcast (formerly Azubu and Hitbox), I was responsible for working across a variety of teams,  overseeing the creation, improvement, and maintenance of the Azubu main website, connected mobile, and Roku products.

During my tenure with Accurate Background, I led a mobile-first initiative with Responsive Web Design (RWD) and channel-agnostic communication (SMS text, voice, email, and print) for new B2C product offering in an Agile setting.

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