Hi, I’m Amanda. 

I am a Software Producer / Product Manager who grew up in software from the days of punch cards, mainframes and Commodore 64s and now manages products with cloud services, native mobile apps, and responsive websites.



My experience encapsulates virtually every piece of the process that a software project goes through; from customer validation and design through coding and quality assurance, except dev management and systems networking… but I know there’s still time.

I have also contracted and consulted at creative, fast paced, and high energy places such as REAL D, Disney, NBCUniversal, and Sony.

I am uniquely capable in ushering your product through every team that needs to contribute, bringing it from the napkin to your customers in a seamless process.

This not only builds your digital products from idea to engaging experience--it keeps your customers coming back for more.

I’m dedicated to your project from concept to rollout, making certain you get your desired result.

I am CSPO and CSM (Scrum) certified, and my last 9+ years of work involve Agile experience.

I am currently looking for my next role.

At my last position with Smashcast (formerly Azubu and Hitbox), I was responsible for working across a variety of teams,  overseeing the creation, improvement, and maintenance of the Azubu main website, connected mobile, and Roku products.

During my tenure with Accurate Background, I led a mobile-first initiative with Responsive Web Design (RWD) and channel-agnostic communication (SMS text, voice, email, and print) for new B2C product offering in an Agile setting.

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I have produced and released projects for the following channels:


  • Websites
  • Microsites
  • Landing pages
  • Mobile sites
  • Responsive web


  • Native apps for watch, phone, and tablet
  • HTML/Javascript Apps


  • Native apps for watch, phone, and tablet
  • HTML/Javascript Apps



Mindy Nies
 Fractional Chief Experience Officer (CXO)

Worked together:

"I brought Amanda on to work with me on designing a USAA branded version of ProtectMyID and I really was impressed with her amazing talent and expertise in the UX arena. Amanda has a keen eye for creating a unified and consistent user experience that is novel yet intuitive. We worked together to add in new functionality that is atypical of other leading identity monitoring services, which was a challenge, but together we created a really elegant solution that USAA was thrilled with. Amanda quickly created a thorough clickable prototype for us to share with USAA executives so that we could easily verify usefulness and usability of new features. Amanda is one of the most competent and brilliant UX people I've had the privilege of working with and I look forward to collaborating with her on future projects / products."


 Joshua Cook
Executive Producer

Worked together:
Azubu, Hitbox, Smashcast

"Amanda is the kind of product owner that can take your concept, and turn it into a viable business. She has a solid understanding of process, market research, cost benefit analysis, analytics and the ability to write a solid business plan. 

Her attention to detail will solve problems you didn't even realize might exist, as she is constantly evaluating and fine tuning scenarios using her excellent business logic. She is a great asset to any team."


"Amanda has an incredibly sharp eye for detail and consistency, which makes her a great asset on large-scale, complex projects. Having come to UX and Information Architecture from a technology and BA background, she’s especially perceptive about underlying process and workflow problems, and is proactive about fixing them. She’s been a patient and supportive mentor as she’s helped me ramp up on new prototyping software. Bonus: Amanda’s got a wicked sense of humor and is great fun to work with!"


Kate Concannon
User Experience Architect

Worked together:
Consumer Services